Expecting cloud pricing?

Nodecraft Studio generates revenue for game studios, not server bills.


Fee Waived for the first 50 games launched on Nodecraft Studio!

One-time Licensing Fee

Each Game launched on Nodecraft Studio will need to pay the one-time licensing fee to get access to the Nodecraft Studio Portal, API Keys, and direct integration support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's dangerous to launch multiplayer alone. Take these answers.

How much does each Game Server cost?

Game Servers are licensed directly to players with recommended prices starting at $12 per month. Partnered Game Studios can set the price for consumer subscriptions. The revenue generated is shared split with the Studio based on the agreement & terms of the partnership with Nodecraft.

How are Game Servers created?

Nodecraft has over a decade of being an industry innovation leader in Game Server Hosting and leverages its pre-existing proprietary game server orchestration & game server settings engine Rulesmith, to provide a mature platform for hosting & player customization for game servers.

How is Customer Service handled?

Nodecraft handles customer support inquiries via a blend of chat, email, and phone support for the multiplayer game servers, billing inquiries, and technical support for players running into speedbumps while using Nodecraft Studios.

What percentage of revenue does the studio earn?

After the above mentioned fee is collected, Nodecraft pays for all costs associated with hosting the server in a datacenter, handles customers support, billing (including payment fees, fraud, and chargebacks), & provides the platform at no direct cost to the studio. Rather than billing the studio or creating complex item-line fees for these: Nodecraft offers a flat fee for studios, starting at 12% of all revenue.

Who reviews game server content for approval?

Depending on your revenue split, Nodecraft offers to provide all review of game servers created on Nodecraft Studio. At any time the Studio has full access to the content review and may take actions directly, or completely handle review for their game, without the assistance of Nodecraft.

What Game Engines are supported?

Any game studio can quickly integrate and add Player Created Game Servers to their game by using an official Nodecraft Studio SDK. If there isn't an option for your game engine, or if you have a custom engine you can use the headless REST API.

How much dev time is required to integrate?

For games using an officially supported Game Engine SDK & that already have a Game Server Executable: integration should take no longer than 2 weeks.

What is a Game Server Executable?

This refers to a special version of a game that operates the and handles players data in Multiplayer. You'll need to develop a Game Server Executable with your developers before you can launch on Nodecraft Studio. Don't have one yet? We can help connect you with a Multiplayer Engineer.

How are Game Server Settings Managed?

Nodecraft provides each partnered Studio with access to a Game Server configuration tool named Rulesmith. This tool lets you create version-specific controls that can be modified & adjusted to match complex rules, UGC, & Mod support.

How does a Studio get paid?

Nodecraft makes weekly payments to partnered Game Studios or Publishers on a weekly basis via a bank transfer.

How are Player Server payments attributed?

Nodecraft is partnered with the payment processor Stripe to provide payment attribution & payouts.

What Payment Methods are offered to Players?

Nodecraft Studio currently provides Credit/Debit payments from customers globally. Depending on regional offers & settings enabled by each studio other options offered by Stripe are supported.

Are payments collected in-game?

While the Multiplayer discovery & server creation process starts in-game, we provide customer a secure QR code process to collect payment directly in the browser or via a phone.

What is the refund policy for Players?

Nodecraft provides a generous 7 day money back guarantee to all Players who purchase a Game Server in-game or in-app.

Are Web3 games or payments supported?

Nodecraft does not currently or plan to accept any Web3 payments for the foreseeable future. Games that focus on Web3 technologies are not permitted for developer approval.