Seamlessly add multiplayer features you wish you had since launch

Nodecraft Studio provides all the tools & SDKs needed to provide multiplayer & scalability.

screenshot illustrating the game being overlayed by Nodecraft Studio, with lists of game servers in a recommendation engine
screenshot of friends online in a community multiplayer sidebar
screenshot of a server profile with players online playing in Noob Haven

Revolutionizing Player Created Servers

Viral Discovery Queue

Public Community Servers are moderated, tagged, and equipped with colorful graphics to engage players with the best multiplayer experiences your game has to offer.

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Screenshot of game servers in a discovery queue from Nodecraft Studio
Screenshot of a player allow invitation

User Access & Privacy

Protect players privacy with access controls to keep personal player created servers separate from the open internet. Community servers are published in your game's new multiplayer viral discovery queue.

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Realtime Notifications

Make sure players get invitations and other real-time notifications to stay engaged with your online community.

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Screenshot of notifications showing players inviting the player to play
Screenshot of a player in a queue

Server Queues

Keep up with Launch Day demand & protect servers from population surges with dynamic server queuing. Eliminate player frustration and instead, capitalize on excitement!

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Moderation Tooling

Multiplayer can be a scary place. Your server owners are empowered to delegate moderation to trusted players. These player can be granted instant access to robust moderation tooling to help keep their community healthy & safe.

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Screenshot of moderation with a  player selected to ban or promote to moderator.
Screenshot of a server profile for Noob heaven. Shows players currently playing

Game Server Customization

Each Public Community Server can create a Game Server Profile to brand their server & maximize player engagement.

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Cross-platform Social Integration

Launch your multiplayer with an embedded friends list that players already use.


Manual Ident


Auto Ident

Epic Games

Auto Ident


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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iOS Game Center

Coming Soon


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Privacy for friends, Public for communities

Keep personal servers off public matchmaking, while driving players to public community servers via matchmaking.

Personal Server

Limited to 2-10 players

Private – only visible to owner and social friends

No Game Server Review Process

Limited customization, with no branding

More affordable for consumers

collection of screenshots for personal servers

Public Community Server

Limited to 200 Players, for now

Once Published is available to all players.

Requires approval to publish to public matchmaking

Full Customization & Branding

Server Resource-Based Pricing

collection of screenshots for public community servers

And more great features

Session Analytics

Get insights to player trends & multiplayer session conversion rates.

Legal Consents

Generate platform-specific legal consents and ensure all players have agreed to Terms before they play.

Server Regions

Ensure players are given recommendations geographically close to them.

Auto-Ident Authentication

Don't waste user's time by requiring them to login to an account by leveraging the platform they are playing natively on, such as Steam, Xbox, etc

Game Server Utilities

Quickly validate player sessions, access, and moderation status before players ever connect to a game server.

Headless Rest API

The entire platform is built from a headless API. Choose your own adventure via SDK or build it yourself.

Industry Leading Server Hosting

Modern & High Peformance CPUs

Leveraging CPUs like the Intel® Xeon® E-2174G provide blazing fast server performance.

Offsite Backups

Protect your player's most precious server worlds, with automatic backups, securely stored in the cloud.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are a constant threat to game servers. Our network is built for network attack reliance.

27+ Datacenters

Deploy globally with datacenters around the world, backed by industry leading netops teams.

Container Isolation

All game servers run in an isolated Docker container to provide security & stability with proprietary Nodecraft orchestration.

Filesystem APIs

Realtime file-system APIs to configure and manage game servers config programatically.