Mar 15, 2024

Nodecraft Unveils Nodecraft Studio

Unveiling Nodecraft Studio: An innovative community server solution empowering game studios of all sizes to master multiplayer

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Nodecraft Unveils Nodecraft Studio


Nodecraft Unveils Nodecraft Studio: An Innovative Community Server Solution Empowering Game Studios of All Sizes to Master Multiplayer

March 18, 2024 (Oklahoma City, OK) – Nodecraft, a leader in community server solutions for players since 2012, is thrilled to announce the launch of Nodecraft Studio. Nodecraft Studio is the brand new studio-focused product that aims to revolutionize the way studios manage game servers. The platform, slated for release on March 20, equips game developers with a groundbreaking approach to community engagement, user retention, and revenue generation.

Nodecraft Studio is designed to extend the lifecycle of games, creating vibrant and active gaming communities long after the initial release. Studios can quickly integrate with Nodecraft Studio via developer SDKs or REST API that brings cross-platform social integration, server discovery queues, and other multiplayer essentials directly as an in-app experience so that players can quickly get online, invite their friends, and even generate recurring revenue.

"Nodecraft Studio represents a significant leap forward for game studios, giving them the tools they need to build and sustain thriving gaming communities,” states Nodecraft Co-Founder and CEO, Jon Yarbor. He continues, “Our platform is not just about hosting servers; it's about creating an immersive experience for players, seriously upgrading the typical server discovery experience moving away from those awful spreadsheet looking interfaces or using IP addresses. We believe Nodecraft Studio will redefine the multiplayer gaming landscape, and we're excited to see the impact it will have on studios and their bottom line."

Key Features of Nodecraft Studio:

Game Lifecycle Extension: Nodecraft Studio empowers game studios to extend the lifecycle of their creations by bringing a robust community, content, and monetization ecosystem directly inside the game.

User Retention: Deep social integration and enhanced discoverability ensure players always find a community to play with, leading to longer playtime and improved session conversions.

Revenue Boost: Nodecraft Studio introduces monetization opportunities for game studios through customizable in-game purchases, exclusive server access, and other innovative features, allowing studios to explore untapped revenue streams.

Scalability: Nodecraft's Just In Time servers ensure optimal performance during peak times while minimizing server costs during quieter periods, providing flexibility without sacrificing quality.

For more information about Nodecraft Studio and its groundbreaking features, visit Nodecraft Studio.

About Nodecraft

Nodecraft launched Nodecraft Pro in 2012 with the mission to build a modern game server platform. Co-founders Jon Yarbor and James Ross leveraged years of experience in building wildly popular community game servers to fuel their vision. In 2024, they launched Nodecraft Studio to deliver a scalable, seamless in-app experience to game studios providing a path to profitability and enriched game community experiences.

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